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Selling my Argonian partial and ebony armor set.
Asking $600 plus s&h for the Argonian, she fits a 23-25” head, has follow eyes and a moving jaw. Head, shoulder length arms and tail.
Asking $850 for the armor, fits a Female M-XXL(I can double check measurements if you’re interested) I can edit and remove the boob plate for a male for an additional $150. Includes Bodypiece with pauldrons, belt with tassets, additional belt with weapon frogs, cuisses, gauntlets, greaves with attached sabatons.
I will sell them both for $1,450. 
Payment of $300 required up front and monthly payments of $150 can be made afterwards.


Beware against a dangerous person: Negalmuur


The purpose of this post is to make the furry community aware of someone who is potentially dangerous, with no regard for the safety of others. Please do not harass him any further. 

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To those who care to hear the other side of the story(which totally justifies Negalmuur’s actions IMO)

I will begin by sharing everything that led up to the moment that I felt it necessary to evict them from my car.”


2 and a half months ago, I was asked if I was going to AC. I said no, but would like to, Roxanne and Cory both asked me if I would like to come with them, and carpool. I said I would need time to think it over, 2 weeks, and I was to give an answer before the beginning of May (2 months before AC). We had already decided, for multiple reasons, that my car would be ideal.

I decide to go to AC with them, and we figure the cost of gas using gasbuddy. we also figure that we will not spend anymore then 60 dollars on the hotel to and from AC. We would calculate the total cost, and simply divide by 3. I ask them that they send me the money by June 1st (around 1 month from AC) so that the money issue is completely out of the picture and we don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I am informed by Roxanne that Cory was not able to schedule Monday the 7th of July off. She then asked if it would be alright that we leave on Sunday and do the trip all in one drive. I say that’s fine, asking what time they would like to leave that morning. She says 6 or 7. I agree to 6. Screenshot:

I am then told that they’ll have the money for me on the 15th

I am then told that they’ll have the money for me on the 17TH.

I am THEN TOLD that she is having issues with her paypal account for whatever reason or another, and so she sent part of the funds on June 26th.

I finally receive the rest of the funds on the 2nd of july, the day before we leave for AC. So you know that’s cool, typical furries that don’t know how to manage money.


We leave for AC on the 3rd of July. The idea was to leave at 6:30am CST time. Due to my forgetfulness, I forgot some car chargers for phones and 3DS’s. We don’t leave until 6:40am CST and both Roxanne and Cory (especially Roxanne), are upset and livid. The trip hasn’t even started and I can already tell what this is turning into.

We get to the hotel, 12 hours of driving has left us all irritated, and so we all go to bed.

THREE HOURS until we get to AC
Roxanne: ‘So I was thinking, maybe we should leave later in the morning, like around 8 or 9. We can just drive through the night!’
Me: ‘But we agreed to 6am.’
Roxanne: ‘Well, cory may or may not have to work on Monday afterall! So if its alright with you, we’ll just drive through the night and you can just sleep in the car.’
me: (silent)

I let this subject go, primarily because we’ve been driving for over 15 hours now. We’re all tired, I just want to be done driving with no qualms.


We get to pittsburgh and the city is packed. We go to the address provided for the hotel Roxanne and Cory are staying in, but we got so close that the GPS thought we were there and left it at that. I am no used to city driving, so I immediately look for a place to park first, much to Roxanne’s dismay. I find parking at 600 Grant street, underneath the US Steel Tower, which is pretty much right across the street from the hotel. We park, Im cleaning the car out, primarily because I don’t want CANDY TO MELT in my car! She flips out saying “People are WAITING ON US, we need to go!” I close the doors, give her a “fuck you” smile, and say “well lets go then”. After their fursuit bin went tumbling to the ground, I picked it up and carried it to the hotel.

Fastforward to friday night. Well, I’ll leave the texts to tell the story

At this point, ALL of my friends have advised me to leave them in Pittsburgh. Her attitude has become that which I do not want to be around. I am the owner of the car, and I can very well much leave whenever I want, and if they are or are not in the car when I leave is not my problem. Roxanne initially agreed to an earlier start time, which then turned into 8 or 9, which then turned into 10 at the earliest. What would “10 at the earliest” have turned into?


I pull up to the hotel at 5:55am and at 6:00am on the dot, they walk out and begin loading the trunk. I they finish, slam the door shut, and try to open the back door, but I forgot I left it lock. She gets pissed and hits my car. SCREENSHOT:

My car has just been struck. That in and of itself is more then enough justification to remove them from the car, get their things out, and leave them. I choose not to, simply because I am a decent human being, who just wants to get this over with.

I drive the car, and 2 hours into the drive, I notice Roxanne using MY pillow and blanket to sleep on. I say, “let me go ahead and get my pillow and blanket back” and roxanne hurls both up to the front passenger. Yeah that’s smart, let’s throw things around in a moving vehicle.

I drive the car until the gas runs out. I don’t do miles, hours, or anything like that. I drive until the tank is dry. Its around 11:30 - 11:45am that we get to the gas station. I fill up, they go inside and get things. I then pull up to McDonald’s and get food for myself. I get my food, and we all switch positions. As Cory gets into the driver’s seat and me into the front passenger seat, roxanne starts moving her stuff up front like she’s going to sit there. I say “no, I’M sitting up front. My car”. She gets angry and says “NO, I am” and grabs my food and pulls it to the back seat. I grab her things and move them back and reach for my food, saying that Im sitting up front. She says “FINE THEN” and shoves the bags of food in my face. 

At this point, I lose my cool, and shout “DO YOU WANT ME TO JUST FUCKING LEAVE YOU HERE!?” to which she smirks and says “go ahead, I won’t get out of the car.”

If at that point I said for her to get out and she refused, that would have been trespassing and I could press charges at that point, just and FYI.

So cory drives, and I start checking my phone, and I see this: SCREENSHOT:

This person, who just so casually talks about killing someone, is sitting directly behind me. There is no “oops, I didn’t mean to say that”. No, that was something you had to THINK OF, TYPE UP, and then CONFIRM and SEND. When I read that, My thoughts were that the only thing that’s keeping her from killing a person is the consequences OF killing. From that tweet and the context of the situation (The altercation we just had a few minutes ago from the McDonald’s bags) SHE WANTS TO KILL ME. Someone in my car has just expressed that they WANT. TO. KILL ME.

At this point I get very quiet. My friends are all screaming at me for not having kicked them out by now. I just want this nightmare and misery to end. I’m feeling physically sick, my heart won’t stop racing. I don’t trust either of these people in my vehicle and I want them gone.

We get to Joplin, MO after we ran the tank dry again. Cory and Roxanne get out and go inside, while I act like I’m pumping gas. Once they’re inside, I get in my car and pull to the end of the parking lot. I grab everything that belongs to them and get it out of my car, putting it to the side, so they can’t immediately see it. As they come out, they see Im not where I was when they went in. They look over and saw me parked away. They started walking towards me, and when they got close, I started the car up and drove off, revealing everything out of my car.

I didn’t look back. I didn’t laugh. And for a good while I felt sick to my stomach that I did something like that. It wasn’t until after the adrenaline wore off that I rationalized that these two people had no place in my car, nor my life.

I did not receive any texts from them. They did not call my phone to scream at me. No, they knew this was coming. It wasn’t a matter of WILL I throw them out, its a matter of when.


It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that their DS case and games were still in my car. Please understand its not STOLEN unless you intentionally took it. The case and games were stuffed under my things, so I had no knowledge of it’s presence. They have already been shipped out to their address with tracking and signature confirmation.

Given ALL the actions that Roxanne has taken, that is more then enough to get you kicked out of a taxi, a bus, and arrested on an airplane. I don’t give two shits what you think is “appropriate” or what was “out of line”. The fact of the matter is they kept poking and prodding for a response, and they got one, and the law is 100% on my side when it comes to the matter at hand.

With that being said, Cory was very quiet during the whole trip. However, his silence only served to enable Roxanne to act the way she did. Which, when she WASN’T acting like an insane bitch, she was just being a sulky bitch. 

And its actually funny now. This WHOLE THING erupted the way it did, because she didn’t want to leave on time she agreed to, because those TWO HOURS of extra time were reallllly worth it, huh?

And finally, in my opinion, seeing how everything has transpired, in hindsight I should have just left their asses at AC and been done with them right then and there. 

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