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Okay so I have some things for sale.

FIRST OFF! This realistic Goat partial- The auction for it is here

econdly this leather Harness
I’m looking to get $70+Shipping for it. 

Lastly I am selling my Skyrim inspired Ebony Armor(shown in the last four photos) It’s all made out of leather. It has a torso with attached pauldrons, Greaves with attached sabatons and a war belt with Tassets. Makes an awesome armor for cosplay or just to wear to a ren fest. I’m wanting at least $700 out of this so make an offer and inquire to measurements if you’re interested. There is a tiny bit of wear on the Tips of the Sabatons and a tear that you can’t see on the suede of the belt under the crotch plate. This armor will last you years though, so please help me spread the word so that I can send it to a good home ^^

Email me if you’re interested in anything or drop me a message

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